Artitistic Statement:

"I have always been an "out-of-the-box" thinker, and desire to document my experiences artistically.  My early work, specifically black/white and infrared film, quickly developed into a passion of artistic skill and social perception of my 'everyday' life, documenting the mundane, something familiar in an unfamiliar way, drawing lines from my past personal experiences, always seeking juxtaposition. Some of my personal topics focused on social norms and the American family. I spent many years on the street and in the darkroom, perfecting the environmental "candid portrait" and "lifestyle" images. My portraits are intimate statements of the person I am capturing in the moment."

Ariel McIntyre is a Dallas, Texas, based freelance photographer whose work focuses on travel, people and places.  In 2008, she created, Ariel Exposures (AE), an organization that provides freelance photography services for interior design clients, small business, families, and charitable entities. AE offers client specific services for photographic art design, stock images, web content, and portraits.

She attended Baylor University and the University of North Texas, Denton, in Texas, and received a Bachelor's degree in Business Finance and Insurance. After an active business career as a Casualty Insurance Underwriter for AIG, she stepped away from the workforce to raise her family.  She studied photography at Richland Community College in Dallas, Texas. The past 20 years, she has traveled the United States and the world, photographing and documenting Texas, New Mexico, Alaska, Montana, California, New York, Mexico, Central America, and Asia. Her recent work is focused in Nepal and Morocco. 

For more information on Ariel's work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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